OpenGRC XML version 2021

OpenGRC native XML file format, published in 2021


The OpenGRC native XML file format is designed to facilitate easy transformation of data into XBRL, ReqIF, JSON or CSV formats.

Schema index



Authoring and distribution

Suggested authoring tools

Understanding version numbering

The ‘‘version’’ property in an OpenGRC document is a string made up of up to four sets of numbers of decreasing significance separated by full stops or dashes and optionally a short string without spaces appended to the end with a dash or full stop:

Dates and times in the version numbering should be represented according to ISO-8601,


Understanding identifiers

How to pack content for distribution:

  1. Create content in compliance with the appropriate schemas using your favourite tool
  2. Create a ‘manifest.xml’ file at the root folder in accordance with the schema
  3. In the ‘manifest.xml’ document, add relative path to each file which belongs in the package assembly
  4. Pack the files as a zip file archive (do not enable password protection)
  5. Ensure that the file suffix is ‘‘.opengrc’’, rename it from ‘‘.zip’’ if required
  6. Generate the MD5 checksum for your distribution package, publish the checksum on your webside
    • You can use the built-in tools in your operating system. On Windows there is a PowerShell module ‘‘Get-FileHash’’
    • Publishing the hash in an authoritative location helps to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your package